Echoes Of Eternity formed in 2005 with the intention of combining aggressive metal with a beautiful female voice. Guitarist Brandon Patton co-founded Echoes Of Eternity with long time friend, drummer Kirk Carrison. Bassist Duane Cowan was soon on board to complete the rythym section. This laid a solid metal foundation for the gorgeous vocals of frontwoman Francine Boucher. Her voice combined with aggressive metal riffs, double bass drumming and old-school guitar solos create something entirely unique in the metal scene today. In 2207 Echoes Of Eternity will release their debut album “The Forgotten Goddess” on Nuclear Blast Records. It will feature ten tracks of concisely written, expertly executed metal highlighted by the emotive and beautiful vocals of Francine Boucher. 2007 will be the year of ECHOES OF ETERNITY.